*Welcome to day4art. 

Made in Paris and born in the deep south of Holland, Desiree is currently mostly living and working in the heart of Amsterdam.

Strong in observations and communication she uses a intuitive and symbolic visual language where a thing like 'truth' might not be directly visible but will depend on you, the viewer, on your effort and associations... Most of these translations of feelings, emotions are dealing with the human psyche, vulnerability, perception, insecurities and strength.

Desiree's works come from the heart and her work touches many on a deeper level. Most come to exsist naturally without sketching and it's usually afterwards that the work speaks and reveals it's name.

The choices of materials, her variety of styles, paints and alternative materials and techniques are used to give colour and shape to emotions and observations. This gives each work it's own physical and conceptual layerdness with a strong identity while at all times remaining one of all. 

Pieces of life, layers of love, fantasy and reality, pain and pleasure, a meeting between the internal an external worlds. Art shows what otherwise stays hidden..." D.